Carb Backloading Review – Overview

Carb Backloading Review – Overview

Many people oftentimes believe that in order to lose some weight that they have to forego the pleasure of eating their favorite food. However, research studies shows that in order to have a healthy weight loss, one should eat healthy food as well as do some physical activities. As some people still have weight control problems  there are programs that help them deal with it.

One such is the Carb BackLoading , which is popular nowadays because it seems to help weight lose watchers maintain their weight but still get to eat the food they want.  Here are the pros and cons of the Carb BackLoading review and our verdict. We certainly hope that this review would help many weight watchers be informed before they purchase the product.

 Carb Backloading Review – What is it?

Carb BackLoading is a 300-page e-book, which contains an exclusive diet program developed by John Kiefer, a nutrition expert. The program is available online and can be downloaded as soon as one buys the program. The e-book also contains two hundred fifty pages of different exercise techniques to eliminate fats and proper way to eat food to stave off the fats. The other fifty pages contains articles gathered from medical journals that proves that eating more can actually make one lose weight more.

How It Works

The Carb Back-loading is made up of understanding on how the human body works. The book tells how it is important for the body to burn certain amount of fats to build muscles. The book is full of many other interesting facts about how the body actually works and burn the fats. It also enlightened beginners on how to treat their body to ensure optimum weight loss.

For people who gets bored with long books, the author actually revealed the entire weight lose techniques in the first few chapters of the page which makes it a welcome relief for people who gets bored easily.  On the other hand, fitness enthusiast like me would love to re-read the book as it offers fresh outlook on the latest trends concerning weight loss.

Carb BackLoading review – Pros and Cons


  • One of the pros that one can experience with the diet is that the reader can lose weight in a comfortable and healthy manner. Less stress as the book is easy to understand so one can follow the diet without the intricacies or jargons that left unsuspecting weight watchers bewildered.
  • Another thing that is a big plus with the diet is that it is backed up with many research studies, which ensure that the diet is indeed real and genuine product, not just your typical fad diet. The fact that is provides a lifetime update is also a big plus for me as it helps one to be up to date with the latest weight loss news.
  • For people who are skeptics, the fact that they offer a money back guarantee ensures that you get to get your money back if you are unsatisfied in any way with it. This makes it a big yes for me as I don’t want to spend my hard-earned cash for something that does not show any results.


  • As the book is 300+ pages, one might get bored with reading the whole book and forget about finishing the diet as well as affect the time set for working out. However, I recommend that one finish the book and apply its principles, as one would surely benefit from it in the end. With that said the book is fine and would serve one well.

Carb Backloading Features:

  • 300+ page E-book
  • Proper Techniques for building muscle not fat
  • Downloadable PDF
  • No waiting for shipping of physical product
  • Exact pre-workout and post-workout nutrition recommendations
  • Quick-guide tables with macronutrient breakdowns
  • Modifications and advice specifically for the needs of women
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Custom meal plans
  • Templates that fit your carb-backing challenges, goals and schedule
  • Product Upgrades for Life – FREE
  • Exclusive forums and a thriving, active community